Bookmarked - Piper Vaughn This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Mark and Shepherd met a year and a half ago at Mark’s bookstore, Bookmarked, and it was a bad first meeting. They both reacted poorly. When Mark realized the guy he was admiring from afar was his favorite author, he gushed like a fanboy. Shepherd, in a panic, was very rude, and told him to get lost. Then never came back to the store again.

Now Mark is desperate to save his store, so he swallows his pride and asks Shepherd to do a book signing at the store. He thinks getting a big name author to the store will draw enough interest to keep the store open.

At first Shepherd isn’t interested. But he goes about it in such a rude manner, that Mark lashes out. And Shepherd apologizes for his horrible behavior and agrees to the book signing.

This is a turning point in Shepherd’s rude behavior. It turns out that Shepherd’s problem was a bit of social anxiety. He was attracted to Mark and didn’t know how to handle it. His first ever book signing is the stepping stone he needed to come out of his shell.

It’s a huge success for both men. It helps Shepherd to slowly step out into the limelight. And it helps draw more attention to the store for Mark.

I liked these guys, after I got over Shepherd’s attitude. I still didn’t love him, because even with his issues, I felt his bad attitude was a bit over the top but he did redeem himself by overcoming his fears of being in the public eye to help Mark. There were at times it seemed that Mark liked Shepherd only because of his status as Mark’s favorite author, and I kept having to remind myself that he liked him before he knew who he was.

Overall, this was a fun little book. I like the small “gayborhood” community and look forward to reading more books in this series.

My favorite quote: “Brittany, Shepherd’s PR rep/personal assistant, was short, blonde, and wore enough pink to make Elle Woods jealous.”

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