Not Safe For Work

Not Safe For Work - L.A. Witt An ARC of this book was provided by Samhain Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Wow!! Loved this! A dominant and a submissive find each other via a kinky dating app, while in a business meeting. Literally! I loved the connection between these two men. Both over 40, which was awesome, and long standing business men.

But things get ugly when the boss finds out. It was awful! Jon was blackmailed into keeping his boyfriend Rick happy to keep his job. Because Jon's bosses were desperate to get a contract with Rick's company. Of course, that didn't end well. Duh!

But Jon had a wonderful support network in his friends and family. Although they were stunned and without advice, they supported him and stood by him. I liked that this book wasn't about homophobic attitudes keeping them quiet. It was all about who they worked for. It was business related. Two guys met and realized they were a perfect match. But their work relationship made things difficult at the office.

The blurb made it seem like there would be more focus on BDSM in this, but I think the focus was more on the relationship itself rather than on the kink part of it.

Of course it all worked out in the end and they got their HEA.