Grand Adventures

Grand Adventures - Rhys Ford, L.E.  Franks, Brandon Witt, Tinnean, Andrea Speed, Jaime Samms, Madison  Parker, Zahra Owens, Tempeste O'Riley, Moria McCain, Rowan McAllister, Garrett Leigh, Amy Lane, Mia Kerick, Dawn Kimberly Johnson, C.R. Guiliano, John  Goode, Phoenix Emrys, C.C. Dado, Shae I don't think I read any of these that I didn't like. This is by far the best anthology I've read. Usually there are some you like and some you don't. I really enjoyed every one of the stories in this collection. They were very short and each had a happy ever after. Dreamspinner did a great job compiling this collection of stories. And they are a wonderful tribute to two guys who we all in the M/M romance community have grown to love and support.