100 Days

100 Days - Mimsy Hale Jake and Aiden, take off in an RV, previously owned by Aiden's grandfather, on a road trip that probably not many get to experience. I've always wanted to do something like this. I'm sure it's probably on many bucket lists and very few get to check it off. I love the idea and it was laid out perfectly.

There was a scene of significance for every state. In some states they visit major destination stops. Other states, they visit places that mean something to them from their childhood, or are significant to them personally in other ways. It was fun, moving, cheesy, heartbreaking. Every emotion you want to experience in a book. Aiden’s habit of patching Jake’s heartache with a Band-Aid was so sweet!

The pace flows so frustratingly slow because these two guys are so deeply consumed by everything they fear, that it keeps them from acknowledging their love for each other. But at the same time, the slow pace is realistic for the characters and the time span of the book. At 376 pages, it felt like a very long book. I don't know what could have been excluded to reduce the number of pages, but their story seemed to drag by the end. I was ready for them to finally get it together and be happy with each other.

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