Knave of Broken Hearts

Knave of Broken Hearts - Tara Lain, K.C. Kelly This is book two in the Love in Laguna series and I'm thrilled to read Jim's story. At 82% through the audio version (narrated by K.C. Kelly), I got so ticked off with Jim. How could he go along with his dad's crazy scheme? How could he ruin not only his own life, but those of people he cared about? It's not only ruining his own, but he's ruining Constance's and Ken's lives as well.

Thank goodness he had some really good friends on his side, that were able to prevent such a horrible thing from happening. But talk about scary! His life was in such shambles that his poor heart couldn't take it. And what a way to wow Ken's traditional mother. Ha! That scene had me in giggles. He had everything he needed to win her over, except the confidence in himself.

This was such a good read. And listening to K.C. Kelly's narration made it that much more enjoyable. This is my second of his narrations, and he does a remarkable job. I will most definitely consider more of his narrations in the future. He did an outstanding job with the Japanese language and accent. He gave each character his/her own voice and it was easy to follow who was speaking.

I look forward to book three in this series.