Sultry Sunset

Sultry Sunset - Mary Calmes, Greg Tremblay I am disappointed. I was looking forward to this. I've enjoyed the other books in the series. But with this one, I feel like I missed stuff. There was so much filler material on other characters, and hardly anything at all between the main characters til after the halfway point. And this book isn't very long either.

We didn't really get a whole lot of background on this couple. Heck, we didn't get much actual interaction between them at all. Suddenly, Hutch realizes Mike is the one he wants and he flips out. Next thing we know, Mike is declaring his feelings to Hutch and it's over. Way too much was left out. All the buildup happened off page.

Yeah. Disappointed. Thank you, Grey Trembley, for giving me a reason to keep listening. Your narration kept me going.